8ito Recycles

Environmental Projects

8ito is commited with sustainable development practices. We believe that both the quality of services we provide and exercising citizenship in all stages of our work are equally important . 8ito optimizes the use of resources that may impact the environment. We use only recycled paper, biodegradable materials, contribute with carbon emissions reduction through the use of remote assistance tools, computers and monitors that consume less energy. We also developed partnerships for conscious disposal of used computers, damaged parts, printer cartridges and other consumables.

Electronic waste is source of hazardous pollutants that must be sent for treatment in specialized centers that employ methods and equipment to neutralize the chemical contaminants and extract valuable metals and other materials to be reused in new products. Using recycled materials reduces the energy needed to produce new computers , while preserving natural resources such as water and coal.


8ito is a partner of MetaProjeto, an initiative of the government of Sao Paulo which offers workshops on various topics related to technology and digital inclusion at the Accessa Sao Paulo Center.  8ito donates used computers, monitors, printers and other equipment, to be used in the workshops' classrooms.

MetaProjeto also receives used parts and components removed discarded computers in their computer maintenance workshops and to repair their own computers . These parts are also used in educational kits distributed to other inclusion projects. 

Thanks to a partnership with a private company certified for the treatment of e-waste , MetaProjeto properly discard printed circuit boards , CRT and LCD screens, batteries and other contaminants.

Take part in this initiative: donate your obsolete equipment and promote the digital inclusion and learning workshops for those who can't pay for it. Ask us how to donate your equipment to 8ito/MetaProjeto partnership.


The Lixo Eletrônico (Electronic Waste) blog gathers articles of technicians and researchers of the Laboratory of Digital Inclusion and Community Education of the University of São Paulo  as well as green technology news, debates on legislation and industry information for companies and individuals seeking guidance on how to properly recycle technological materials.

The blog supports initiatives such as the recent publication of a manifesto against the exclusion of the electronics the National Solid Waste Policy , which , under pressure of the manufacturers, was left out of the text of the bill . The pressure of the blog and their supporters resulted in the revision of this decision and the re-inclusion of electronics in the list of solid waste that must be addressed by manufacturers after the disposal.

See here: http://www.lixoeletronico.org/blog/e-os-eletronicos-voltaram-politica-nacional-de-residuos-solidos